Print Advertising Rates and Information

Ad Rates and Information


Rates include all design and production costs.
Effective January 2017 issue.

Prime Position
Full Page $950
2-Page Spread $1,850
Premium Color
Rates include one color photo; background color per advertiser’s instructions. Designs involving more than two colors, and/or complicated layouts will be charged extra.
Full Page $795
2-Page Spread $1,550
Partial Color Page
Rate includes one photo.
1/2 Page $425
1/3 Page $285
1/4 Page $225
Black & White
Rate includes one photo.
Full Page $370
1/2 Page $250
1/3 Page $190
1/4 Page $145
1/6 Page $110
1/12 Page $55

In-House Design

Send us photos and copy, we will design your ad for you.


  • Digital Photos: Submit as 300ppi jpeg files. Files with proper ID and contact name may be e-mailed to or uploaded to our FTP site. See “Digital Specs Sheet” for instructions, or call our production department at 805-771-2300.
  • Non-digital: Send 8˝ x 10˝ glossy-finish photos, slides or transparencies (not negatives). Color copies or prints from ink jet printers are NOT acceptable. With a ball point pen, print legibly and lightly on back of photo: Horse’s name, ranch name, and address. No rubber stamps. Photos will not be returned unless so labeled.
  • Don’t send photographer’s proofs, unless accompanied by written permission from photographer.
  • World assumes no responsibility for slight variations in 4-color reproduction.
  • Any photo retouched must be accompanied by a signed statement saying ˝Photo retouched but conformation unaltered˝ to appear in magazine.
  • For best reproduction in black and white, send black and white prints. Color prints may turn out too dark.


  • Keep instructions simple — a general positioning sketch indicating type blocks and pictures may be included. Ad price includes design and typesetting.
  • Inadvertent omission from the Map or Index of Advertisers does not affect an advertiser’s responsibility to pay.
  • Advertisers must be responsible for all legal costs resulting from ad message.
  • Type all ad copy; we are not responsible for errors in ads due to handwritten copy. World will not be responsible for errors from phoned instructions, copy and/or changes.
  • Don’t fax or send “xerox” copied material for art, type, or logo reproduction. Only crisp black and white original or photocopy material reproduces.
  • Publisher reserves the right to refuse an advertisement for any reason.
  • Arabian Horse World does not stand responsible for opinions, advertising statements, or inaccuracies published in ads or editorial.

Supplied Digital Ads

File Types

  • Press Quality PDF
    • Effective resolution of all images must be 300 ppi.
    • All fonts embedded
    • No spot colors
  • Flattened TIF or JPG Files at 300 ppi.

Mechanical Requirements

Full Page Size
Page Trim Size 8.375˝ x 10.875˝ (212.725 mm x 276.225 mm)
Bleed .125" (3.175 mm)
Safety Margin .5" (12.7 mm) from trim
Partial Page Sizes
1/2 page horizontal 6.875˝ x 4.625˝
1/2 page vertical 3.312˝ x 9.5˝
1/3 page box 4.5˝ x 4.625˝
1/3 page vertical 2.125˝ x 9.52˝
1/4 page 3.312˝ x 4.625˝
1/6 page 2.125˝ x 4.625˝
1/12 page (black and white ad only) 2.125˝ x 2.188˝

File Transmission


Dropbox File Request: Send us your files

Upload files to our FTP server.

  • Host:
  • User: ahw2017
  • Password: Arabian!2017
  • Once upload is complete, contact AHW and let us know the filename(s) or folder name(s).

Contact Wendy Flynn at or


We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Payment must accompany all one-time ads, and first four ads on all new 12-time contract ads. Check for last invoice received must accompany or precede all established 12-time contract ads.

Canadian and Overseas Advertisers: A U.S. draft, wire transfer, or Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are the only acceptable forms of payment. All others will be rejected.


The 15th of each month, prior to issue date. Late with an ad? CALL US!

Advertiser agrees that by placing an ad in Arabian Horse World a contract shall have been entered into in Templeton, CA, and advertiser consents to personal jurisdiction in San Luis Obispo County, CA. Advertiser also agrees to pay attorney fees and legal costs incurred in any suit or other effort to collect payment for such advertising. Arabian Horse World accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of ad changes that are requested by phone.

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